The Evaluation of Reliability and Forged Process Analysis on Non-weld Forged Steering Shaft
무용접 조향 축의 단조 공정 해석 및 신뢰성 평가 연구

Wan Yong Rha
2013 Transactions of Korean Society of Automotive Engineers  
Recently, there has been an active study about weight reduction for automotive. This study is prediction and evaluation of one pice type steering component, which is universial joint. Steering system is a core of major safe device in vehicle. Universial shaft adopted in steering system transmit steering torque between olumn and steering gear. Conventional universial shaft is produced by welding process because of geometric complexity. But welding process has some weakness such as deflection on
more » ... urface, residual stress, and deteronration of material properties so it can deteriorate durability of vehicle.
doi:10.7467/ksae.2013.21.6.201 fatcat:k4h4ojn3izcn5hg73s7x2mimha