Handbuch der Seenkunde. Allgemeine Limnologie.F. A. Forel

1901 The Journal of geology  
REVIEWS those who want to go deeper into the subjects treated. We venture to hope that the busy reader will be more fortunate in the use of these references than we have been. To one somewhat acquainted with the general literature of economic geology these lists are more remarkable for what they do not than for what they do contain. What must geologists and mining engineers in any part of the world think of bibliographies with such omissions as the following ? Under Building Stones no reference
more » ... is made to Merrill; under Copper no mention of Whitney, Irving, or Wadsworth; under Zinc no mention of Winslow; under Phosphates and Manganese no mention of Penrose; under Quicksilver no reference to Becker; under Petroleum and Natural Gas no mention of Carll or Orton; under Silver no reference to Emmons; and under Diamonds no mention of the writings of Derby. The references that are given are often quite irrelevant, and sometimes wrong. For example under the list upon "combustible minerals," p. 405, is this : " 187 I1. Hartt. La faune carboniferienne du Missouri(Neues Jahrb., p. 63)." The place cited contains a note by Louis Agassiz upon the Carboniferous fauna found by Hartt in South America. There is not a word about Missouri, and as a matter of fact there is no coal in the South American Carboniferous area mentioned by Hartt. On p. 406 is this: " 1878. Derby. Le carboniferien au Missouri (Neues Jahrb., p. 663)." There is no such article at the page cited, and I much doubt Professor Derby's having written such an article at all. On p. 538 the bibliography of kaolin gives a title by Fontannes. Upon looking up the article cited it is found to contain nothing about kaolin. In addition to these defects the typographical errors in the references render many of them worthless. The book seems to be intended for a sort of vade mecum on economic geology, and as such it will be found helpful. It is of convenient size and neatly bound in flexible leather. J. C. BRANNER. Handbuch der Seenkunde. Allgemeine Limnologie. Von DR. F. A. FOREL. Stuttgart: Verlag von J. Engelhorn. This volume is one of the series of useful geographic handbooks published under the general editorship of Professor Dr. Friedrich Ratzel. It brings together in concise, comprehensive, and readable form the general principles of limnology. I99 This content downloaded from on
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