Continuing Experimental Development of Hingeless Aerodynamic Control Effectors

Jim Neidhoefer, Jason Ryan, Robert Englar, Shayne Kondor, Warren Lee
2009 27th AIAA Applied Aerodynamics Conference   unpublished
The use of zero-net-mass-flux synthetic jet actuators (SJAs) as hingeless control effectors at both high and low angles of attack was investigated. This work considered the effects of SJAs integrated into the trailing edge of a three-dimensional wing. These SJAs were placed on both the upper and lower surfaces of the trailing edge of a 'ACA 0015 wing, whereupon a variety of rounded coanda surfaces were tested as well. Both upper and lower surface SJAs demonstrated the capability to greatly
more » ... nt the lift, drag, and moment characteristics of the wings for various coanda shapes and angles of attack. Investigations were also performed to determine SJA effectiveness in control, specifically the transients and response times in the forces and moments which occur immediately after changes in actuation were investigated and quantified. I.
doi:10.2514/6.2009-3625 fatcat:63263o2rrrgkfhqb6oqz2ky3tu