Evaluation of decontamination methods of blood/saliva in the bonding of orthodontic accessories

Matheus Melo Pithon, Rogério Lacerda-Santos, Nathali Cafeseiro Del Rey, Vanessa Batista, Bráulio Carneiro Júnior
2015 Bioscience Journal  
This study aimed to evaluate the best method for decontaminating tooth enamel contaminated with blood/saliva before bonding orthodontic accessories, since such contamination is commonly present in surgical procedures of extrusion/orthodontics. 195 bovine incisors were used. Initially their vestibular faces received prophylaxis, H3PO4 at 37% and adhesive application. After this, the vestibular faces of all the teeth were contaminated with blood/saliva. The teeth were then randomly divided into
more » ... groups (n=15), Group C (Control -without contamination and bonded according to manufacturer's recommendations) and 12 experimental groups according to the decontamination method: Group WD-without decontamination, Group DW-washed with distilled water, Group PS-washed with physiologic solution, Group JA-jets of air, Group G-gauze, Group CW-cotton wool, Group DW+JA-distilled water + jets of air, Group DW+G-distilled water + gauze, Group DW+CW-distilled water + cotton wool, Group PS+JAphysiologic solution + jets of air, Group PS+G-physiologic solution + gauze, Group PS+CW-physiologic solution + cotton wool. After bonding the shear bond strength test was performed on all the samples at a speed of 0.5mm/min. Data were analyzed statistically by ANOVA and Tukey's test at 5% significance level. The results demonstrated absence of statistical differences between the Control and Groups DW+JA and PS+JA (P>0.05). The groups that presented the lowest bond strength values were Group WD, in which no decontamination was performed, and Group PS in which specimens were washed with physiologic solution only. The best methods of decontaminating enamel contaminated with blood/saliva were washing with distilled water or physiologic solution followed by drying with jets of air.
doi:10.14393/bj-v31n3a2015-26683 fatcat:3eywcl2jf5a5dn4c2qmwegf6cq