Hemorrhage after Embolization and Radiosurgery for a Cerebral Arteriovenous Malformation
塞栓術, radiosurgery後に出血をきたした脳動静脈奇形の1例

Kazunori Akaji, Masateru Katayama, Satoshi Onozuka, Takayuki Ohira, Takeshi Kawase
2000 Japanese Journal of Neurosurgery  
The patient was a 42 − year − old male who presented with an arteriovenous malformation ( AVM )in the left temp 〔 〕 ral lobe . The onset occ し lrred during an epileptic seizure , and the AVM measured 5. 4cm in size . At first , embolization was performed , but after embolizati 〔 m , an intranidal aneurysm was also observed . We could not perfornl an embolization of the aneurysm . Two weeks later , angiography was performed and showed an occlusion 〔 }fthe draining pathways . We performed
more » ... gery on the nidus which measured 2. 7cm in size . The patient demonstrated no deficit at the time of discharge . Five m 〔〕 nths later , however, he suddenly suffered from a massive cerebral hemorrhage , and died . This case re { nforces the fact that surgery should be performed for an AVM With either an occlusion of the draining pathways 〔 } r with an intranidal aneurysm . Key WOiilshemorrhage , cerebral arteriovenous malformation , embolization , radiosurgery Jpn J Neurosurg
doi:10.7887/jcns.9.802 fatcat:eiu4fyqvhbdrjfr47rg33qjhxi