Effect of Clamping Torque on Large Deflection Static and Dynamic Response of a Cantilever Beam: An Experimental Study

Soumen Mondal, Sushanta Ghuku, Kashi Nath Saha
2018 International Journal of Engineering and Technologies  
The present paper reports an experimental study on the effect of finite clamping on static and dynamic characteristics of cantilever beam. The experiment is carried out with two different beams, each of which is clamped at two different locations resulting in two different geometry settings. Under each of these four settings, specimen is clamped under two different torque ratings giving rise to different finite clamping effect. Under the eight settings, coordinates of tip point under static
more » ... nt under static loading are measured directly using scales and plumb at each load step; whereas, complete deflection profiles of loaded beam under each static load step are obtained through post-processing of images captured during experimentation. Such image processing is carried out manually using AutoCAD® and in-built AutoLISP® software. Strain measurements at each static load step are carried out by using strain gauge, a universal data acquisition system and the associated Catman Easy® software. To obtain loaded free vibration characteristics, loaded beam under each setting is disturbed by a rubber hammer and its dynamic response is recorded from strain gauge signal through Catman Easy® software. These dynamic strain readings of loaded beam are post-processed and FFT plots are generated in MATLAB® software and first two loaded natural frequencies of beam under each setting are obtained. Finally, effects of clamping torques on the static strain and deflection results and loaded natural frequencies for beam settings with the four different thickness to length ratios are reported in a suitable manner. The result reported may be useful as ready reference to develop a theoretical model of clamped beam like structures incorporating the effect of finite clamping.
doi:10.18052/www.scipress.com/ijet.15.1 fatcat:vm2kzih4nrh3faxu2e6ock3e64