Design and Realization of Production Monitoring System for Coal Chemical Industry Real - time Database

Xiuping Li
2017 Chemical Engineering Transactions  
In order to improve the economic efficiency of enterprises, making the process of enterprise information development, coal chemical production monitoring system is designed and implemented. On the basis of data collection, the system requirements are analysed in detail, and the DCS system is designed. On the basis of the existing OPC data collection interface specification, the OPC custom interface, the OPC automation interface and the operation procedure are introduced. In addition, the OPC
more » ... ent application interface is described. Therefore, the production of real-time data collection, storage and monitoring functions of the production facilities of each factory is realized. Moreover, the complete production of real-time information monitoring system is established to meet the specific functions required by coal chemical industry. Therefore, the coal chemical real-time database production monitoring system can not only provide important data communication support to the heterogeneous control system, but also can bring the management system integrated application environment, thus promoting the enterprise management integration process.
doi:10.3303/cet1762134 doaj:51406762edf046f9a59e2be23394d04c fatcat:fuxanm7jwrb63kzkxqsbpzglba