The Applications of Materials, Framework, and Designs in Green Buildings

Peiran Dong
2022 Highlights in Science Engineering and Technology  
Facing environmental pollution and resource waste, the green building becomes more and more popular. This study analyses the advantages and future trends of green buildings from the green building materials, framework, and design. Green buildings were proposed in the 20th century and slowly developed into the dominant architectural model today. The application of green building concepts in architecture focuses on three components of green materials, green frames, and green design. Green
more » ... s are the basis for the implementation of the green building concept, more and more high-performance, environmentally friendly green materials have been developed, effectively reducing environmental pollution and harm to the human body. The green framework is an integral part of the implementation of the green building concept, and the green framework composed of green materials can effectively use natural energy to replace or convert it into advanced energy, effectively reducing energy consumption and environmental pollution. Green design is the specific performance of the combination of the green building concept and the building, both improving building beauty and the environmental quality. It indicates that the concept of the green building makes better use of energy to create personalized buildings that are harmless to the environment and better use energy, providing residents with a more comfortable environment.
doi:10.54097/hset.v10i.1244 fatcat:nl4pxppybzhtvleydiutog6l2m