To Wash a White Lace Veil

1849 Scientific American  
The Reports of the Cholera publ ished from day to day in this city, have bee' n so different from the weekly Reports -of our city.Inspector that we have concluded not to publish them any more, for no dependence. whatever can be, placed in them. The Report of the City Inspector makes out the number of deaths to be much lar�er than the Board of Health Re, ports. In Ihe last week� Repor Is there ate 57 of a decrea�e as compared with the preced ing week. Tb e , whole number' of deaths last week wa�
more » ... eaths last week wa� 1352: of these 692werefrom, Cho· , Iera, More nalivea of Irelanddied than Arne· ricans j in fact one half of the deaths by Cho· le , ra are . Irish and of the total number of deaths in the city abQut one third were. natives of Ireland. Miseryand suffering appear to be the lot of the natives of Ireland. LlghtnlJlg Conductors, In answer to a' correspondent, we would say, with respect to lightiling conductors, there can be no fears in the correctness of their con· struction, if they are made continuous,-that is, ti,e rod must be perfectly connected from the point to the ground-leading into, a vvell or some moist part of th� earth.flave the rod perfectly i . solated from the hou;e: Glass is the best isolator, but there are cheaper non , coD: d uctors. The larger the rod, all the better. The point should be platiOlzed or silvered. The height above a building to . which a con ductor �hould project is not truly established, but to persons who dd not question the ex pense, we say, raise the rod high, bave it of � good diamet. er, and be sure, to it per fectly joined together. From what we know about electricity, the utmo:;,t care must be exercised in connecting the parts of the rod, for a jet ofgashasbeenJntlamedwhenbrougbt near metallic bodies toWhich'thewire from tbe battelY was connected. Looking GIIl .. llea "ltal .. st �a .. non •• A Mr. )'len net ofihis city, in a letter to the,
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