Effect of sex, polydactylism and rearing system on carcass parameters of Fulani- ecotype chickens in Southwestern Nigeria

G. O. Nweke-Okorocha, C. A. Chineke
2020 Nigerian Journal of Animal Production  
This experiment was conducted to determine the effect of sex, Polydactylism and rearing system on carcass parameters of Fulani-ecotype chickens. Thirty chickens (15 males and 15 females) were randomly selected at 16 weeks old for carcass evaluation from population of the intensively (deep litter and cage system of management) kept Fulani eco-type chicken and were used for determining carcass characteristics such as Live weight, dressed weight, eviscerated weight, breast weight, Proventriculus
more » ... ight, gizzard weight, liver weight, lung weight, spleen weight, bile weight, pancreas weight, heart weight, wing weight, shank weight, drumstick weight, thigh weight, head weight, neck weight, back weight. Data generated from the carcass parameters were subjected to least squares means using SAS 9.2 version 2008. Result showed that sex and polydactyly were significantly different (p<0.05) on all the carcass parameters measured except the organs. Birds kept in deep litter system had higher least squares means values than ones in cage system of management. This study revealed the effect of sex, polydactylism and rearing system on various carcass characteristics of Fulani ecotype chickens.
doi:10.51791/njap.v47i3.115 fatcat:shifpem6jnhflpc5rmrnvl7agq