Intuitive Haptic Control Surface for Mobile Robot Motion Control

Ben Horan, Saeid Nahavandi
2008 2008 IEEE International Workshop on Safety, Security and Rescue Robotics  
Haptic human-machine interfaces and similar techniques priori and where successful execution is essential. In these to enhancing human-robotic interaction offer significant potential types of applications it can be deduced that for the most part, over conventional approaches. This work considers achieving the current state of the art technology in fully autonomous intuitive motion control of a tracked mobile robotic platform utilising systems is not likely to provide a feasible solution. a 3D
more » ... rtual haptic cone. The 3D haptic cone extends upon existing The human-in-the-loop approach to the control of remote approaches by introducing of a third dimension to the haptic control surface. It is suggested that this approach improves upon existing robotic syst mscofes k ragaic esotnt eratn methods by providing the human operator with an intuitive method for subject to dynamic task requirements and extreme issuing vehicle motion commands whilst still facilitating simultaneous environments. Teleoperation provides the ability to exercise real-time haptic augmentation regarding the task at hand. The human-level cognitive capabilities in real-time during presented approach is considered in the context of mobile robotic execution of the particular task. Although human-in-the-loop teleoperation however offers potential across many applications. control in critical telerobotic scenarios offers obvious Using the 2D haptic control surface as a benchmark, preliminary advantages, the physical displacement of the operator from evaluation of the 3D haptic cone approach demonstrates a significant the remote environment (RE) presents distinct challenges in improvement in the ability to command the robot to cease motion. achieving adequate telepresence and immersion. In the context of this work, telepresence refers to the degree to
doi:10.1109/ssrr.2008.4745888 fatcat:pmpmkz4tcneppow3bxlw7jz7yq