Pc3 pulsations during variable IMF conditions

U. Villante, S. Lepidi, P. Francia, M. Vellante, A. Meloni, R. P. Lepping, F. Mariani
1999 Annales Geophysicae  
Pc3 geomagnetic ®eld¯uctuations detected at low latitude (L'Aquila, Italy) during the passage of a high velocity solar wind stream, characterized by variable interplanetary magnetic ®eld conditions, are analyzed. Higher frequency resonant¯uctuations and lower frequency phenomena are simultaneously observed; the intermittent appearance and the variable frequency of the longer period modes can be well interpreted in terms of the variable IMF elements; moreover their polarization characteristics
more » ... n characteristics are consistent with an origin related to external waves propagating in antisunward direction. A comparison with simultaneous observations performed at Terra Nova Bay (Antarctica) provides additional evidence for a clear relationship between the IMF and Pc3 pulsations also at very high latitudes.
doi:10.1007/s005850050776 fatcat:uodanqjvhfe65bwwdb426ou55y