Anomeric Proton and Carbon (H1-C1) NMR Chemical Shifts of Antigenic Mannans Obtained from Pathogenic Yeast Candida tropicalis

Takuya Kuraoka, Takayoshi Yamada, Yuki Takatsutsumi, Yukiko Ogawa, Hidemitsu Kobayashi
2021 Advances in microbiology  
On two dimensional maps of 1 H-13 C correlation spectroscopy (H-C COSY) analysis for the mannan of Candida tropicalis, nine cross peaks of anomeric proton and carbon were useful for the purpose of obtaining information on the chemical structure of this molecule. Namely, the mannans was comb-like structure constructed with the linear α-1,6-linked polymannnosyl backbone and several oligomannnosyl side chains composed of α-1,2-, α-1,3-, and β-1,2linkages. Therefore, in the structural investigation
more » ... tural investigation of comb-like mannan, twodimensional H-C COSY analysis is as useful as two-dimensional nuclear Hartmann-Hahn (HOHAHA) analysis.
doi:10.4236/aim.2021.115022 fatcat:vcftxmbkbzggvlmdfdazu4m6g4