Petroleum Refining. By Andreio Campbell, with a Foreword by Sir Boverton Redwood, Bart. Pp. 282 with 138 illustrations, including 29 folding plates and 3 diagrams, also 11 tables. (London: Chas. Griffen & Co., Ltd. 1918.) Price 25s. net

M. Bennett Blackler
1919 Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry  
Betigal). l'p. v + 150. (London atid Calcutta: Uutterzuorlh utid Oo., 1918.) Price Re. 3.12. I n regnrd to tlie inception of tliis little book, the author himself may be quoted. Thus he states: "While engngcd in the study of stnrch nnd cellulose, the writer felt the necessity for a hnndy compendium on the subject containing up-to-dnte informution on nll its benrlngs." This is not a llttle nmbitious for 80 smnll n work. It is evident from the test (which is divided into two parts, theoreticnl
more » ... d industrlnl) thnt the author hns not mnde hiiiiscif nccluiiintcd with the subjects with which it deals. It abounds with the wildest nnd in many ctisc~ most inticcnrnte shtements, whilst the sequence is rrimbling, and lrrelevant mntters nre nll too frequently met with; moreover the diction mny, without carping:, be severely criticised. A few quotations from the test will su5ce to justify thcse strictures. Admitting tlint more fitnrcliy food is consumed in the Enst thin in Europe, we nre not prepnrcd to nccept the nuthor's dictuni thnt rill people nrc fed nncl clothed by stnrch nnd cellulose, nor crin we ngree with him thnt glycogen is nn esiimple of ' * nnimnl cellulose." We rend tlint ' I stnrting with the elementnry substnnccs-blncl; carbon nnd gaseous hydrogen-the substrince . . . has been prepnrcd . . . known . . . by the nnme of forninldehgdc." The fiict Is mentioned tlint nccordiiig to Aubert nnd Girnud cane siignr Is obtulned by passing nn electric current through ncidificcl stnrch ptiste lit 100° C. We were not riwiirc tlirit this observntion Iind been " certified by subsequent investign tors." The mnnufncture of rirtificini perfumes, Of nlcohol, of rubber. and of gris ninntles is clctllt with, ti8 nrc also tnnnln, turl)cntine, rosin, " essealiul oil " (the itnllcs tire ours) nnd cinnnmic ncid. From n chnrt showing t 1 1~ technicril npplictitions of stnrcli me rcproducc tlic flrst lines. mnnufnctum. J dvi8t.w and laundry, I n the succeeding portions of the chnrt tlic following fttter olia nre mentioned nfi productt obtained froin starch :-Chloroform, iodoform, nnti. febrin, sulplionnl, nrtiflcinl perfumes, synthetic rubber nnd sylocliiie or white gun powder. A slmllnrly estrnvngniit cliurt Is ,!iven for thc technicnl tippliaiLions of cellulose. lhufi the user mentloned for cellulose include " Anlmnl foocl wood flour, oxnllc ticid, incuiidemnt gris mnritles barks and leaves of tree no writing nintcrlal, tertllc industry, ropes and nets, lndestruc4!ble textile from pure cellulose, nrtlflcinl silk. For th lnclud:,n of " tortoiw sliell " and of " mother o penrls in this cellulose chi&, the nutlror may no unrcufionnbly be naked for further erplnnutlon. Thew are but n few cltntlons from the boo1 before us, which we feel compelled to condemn 11 cwry reRpeet as one wlilch not only fnlls to full1 Its objc!ts, biit which 1s nho calculated to mlslenl the unwnry student. * tko. ARTIiUR n. I J N a . ~E T~L E U M REFINIXG. B y Andrew Oampbell, wfth o Foreword by Sir Bouerton Redroood, Bart. Pp. 282 iuitk 138 flhi8tftZtf0)18, iticZudfng S folditrg plates and 3 diagrattie, oleo ll tables. (London: Chas. Cfriffetr CE Go., Ltd. 1918.) Price 258. tict. Tlie economic future of tlie world ns we know it o-day is bound up with the development of the etroleum industry. Although there Is much cicntiAc litertiture on this subject, then! was room or n work on the refining of petroleum products, nd Nr. Campbell has given us n book, written with tie gift of lucid CsIireesion, which describes in detnil n industry which constant nssocintion hns mnde IL inrt of his life. Ttw chemist iind engineer inercstcd in the petroleum industry will find thls vork not only useful 11s n book of reference, but ine whicli Is worthy of rending; nt the mme tlme mincss men rind others whose interests tire nsso-,inted with tlie petroleum industry will gnln much snowledge from its i~~enlsnl without being con-bii~ideci by nbstrulic teclinlcnlities. Tlic I m k has kvii dlviiled into nine chnpbrs, vhich den1 reopectively with the exnminntlon of he crude oil, the orgnnisntion of n refinery, stornge, iistillntion, pnrnfih estrnction, cnndle mnnuincture, :hcniicril trcntnients, the distribution of prodncte intl cngineering spccifictitions, This form of trentiient ciiribles one to follow the crude oll from the line It, enters the works until it leuws the works ns i finished product. Tlie chcniicnl trcatinent of InAroleuiii, deriit with n Ciitipter 7, is ti subject with 11 greiit futrirc before it. In ri work of such csceIIenc0, one objects to xWcisinfi, but when n new edition of the book is prcpnrccl, one would like to we this chripter ,stended so ns to give tl more vivid iden of the Iinporltincc of clieiiiictil treatment in the economics of petroleuni reIiiiing. The iiiclusion of lhc Eclleniicnri ~~rocess in this cliriptcr for the refining of ~mtrolcuni product8 nt low tcinpcrntures with liquid sulpliur clioside is of grerit iniporltince, bcctiusc 11iis nicthod is only in 11s infrincy, rintl it iiitiy crcntriiillg prove 1 htit tlie estrrictloii of ccrkiin tnibstrinrm froin I)ctridcum by I his i)hys~C1il nicnns 11111y 1,rovc 111orc ccollolllic thllll the chc111icnl nictiiods iit present mostly uscci for tlris purl~osc. The l1p~)cildis HllOUld t1ppcnl to rill CllCllli.rl s, who lire desIrou8 of consulting litcrnturc dctiling with the I)rrictictil side of the industry. I t niriy not be conrplcte, biit the references given tire xuflicicnt in thciuwlvecr to cnriblc cros8-referenccs to be found, froin which r i more complete list crin be conipllcd. In conclusion, tlic nuthor ifi to be coiigrritulritecl on his first liternry efrort, nnd chemists ctin only hope tlirit othcr lenders in the vnrious inducrtricfi will discover the snnie gift and write books of reference on their own fipcific subjects following the present tiutlior'8 csrimple by the Inclusion of mriiiy w d c n t a rind drnwinge, for these enikble the render to follow the dewription given nncl obtnin 11 clenr compre-Iieiislon of the clriss of plnnt nnd dctnils of plniit U H d . BESNElT BLACKLEII. * PUBLICATIONS RECEIVED. -SYRTEM OI? PIIYHICAL CIIELIISTIIY. u// w. 0. ?d&. VOl. III., ~I l U t L~~l 1 t 1 . ~' h C O r 1 1 . l'p. 2.a. ( t O J i d O t L : Ilu T. 13. ROIIEI~TSOS. I'/J. 483. (IiOJldOt&: LOJluJJlfJtl8, d Report Of LEWIR. Becotid Editfoir. I J~ three wolutties. ~A o t i~u l a t i n , Urccji and 00. 1919.) z'rlcc 78. (kl. Urcen a i i d 00. 1018.) Price 2%. Ooiifcrcticen bcticeeir the Ooictioil for I l a t~i o t ifntio SttidieR and the Uottjoinl Board of B d e w tip0 Societiex. HI1 F. G . KENYON. Pp. 47. (I;ondoti: John 1ftirtu.v. IDID.) Price Is. '~IIE'~'IIYS1CAL CIIEhIlsTIIY OW TllE ~'IlOTEINB. EllUCAl'lOS 8ECOSOASY AN11 UNlVEltSITY.
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