A Study on Slip Behavior of Fiber Preform by High Speed Resin Flow in High Pressure Resin Transfer Molding
고압 RTM 공정에서 고속 수지 유동에 의한 섬유 보강재의 변형 거동에 관한 연구

Jong-Moo Ahn, Dong-Gi Seong, Won-Oh Lee, Moon-Kwang Um, Jin-Ho Choi
2014 Composites Research  
This paper presents the slip behavior of composite fabrics by high speed resin flow in high pressure resin transfer molding. In order to observe the fiber deformation behavior, we constructed the measuring equipment for friction coefficient between fiber and mold, and the monitoring system for deformation of fiber preform in highpressure RTM process. Coulomb friction coefficient and hydrodynamic friction coefficient between fiber preform and mold were measured and the external force induced by
more » ... l force induced by fluid flow causing the deformation of fiber preform was measured. Friction force calculated by friction coefficient and the external force upon fiber deformation were compared, which showed that preform deformation occurred when the external force was bigger than the friction force. The slip behavior of the fiber preform was mainly influenced by the volume fraction of fiber preform and the friction coefficient.
doi:10.7234/composres.2014.27.1.031 fatcat:kmpomcc4gndotpw65irjr2qata