The Effect of Cooperative Learning Approach Application Toward Students' Learning Outcome

Aly Imron
2020 Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Social, Applied Science, and Technology in Home Economics (ICONHOMECS 2019)   unpublished
The recording teaching learning process showed that students tended to be passive because of the inappropriate teaching method so that it affected activity and motivation to perform his skill in their language actively in the class. Choosing method to rise the students' activity is a must. It dealt with students'learning outcome and students' activity outcome as well as an effort to create students more understand to the material given. The objective of the research was to know the differences
more » ... f an effect between class using jigsaw and NHT method towards cognitive learning outcome. Cooperative learning method is one of the choices that can be used in the classroom because there is a benefit to activate and persuade students to work cooperatively naming Jigsaw dan Numbered Head Together (NHT).The observation result of cognitive domain showed that NHT teaching method indicated higher percentage result than jigsaw teaching method in the cooperative field of the group discussion. In addition, responsibility, activity and willing element had higher percentage outcome than NHT teaching method. Based on Comparative result of Jigsaw and NHT average post-test value of cooperative teaching to the class given JIGSAW method was 8,889. Meanwhile, the class given NHT method was 7,702. It can be said that the class given JIGSAW method was higher average than class given NHT method. Big difference of both averages was 8,889. It showed that JIGSAW method was good to increase student cooperative teaching
doi:10.2991/assehr.k.200218.059 fatcat:l24xy3pzcrd6rdp6a7vz5fa7xy