Modelling of concrete carbonation; is it a process unlimited in time and restricted in space?

L. Czarnecki, P. Woyciechowski
2015 Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences: Technical Sciences  
The aim of the article is mathematical modelling of the carbonation process that has been based on results of research conducted both in accelerated and natural conditions. The article covers short characteristic of carbonation, its processes and effects. Also critical review of articles that concern carbonation mathematical models was included in the paper. Assuming the self-terminating nature of carbonation the hyperbolic model of carbonation was formulated. Such a model describes the
more » ... scribes the carbonation progress as the process unlimited in time but with the restricted range in concrete depth that is limited by the value of a model asymptote. Presented results cover research on carbonation of concrete with a different water-cement ratio and different types of binders and duration times of early curing. Investigations have been conducted as accelerated (1% concentration of CO2) as well as in long-term exposures in natural conditions. The obtained results confirmed statistically that hyperbolic model is a well-founded approach when the modelling concrete carbonation process is concerned
doi:10.1515/bpasts-2015-0006 fatcat:u3bydug7bndetdlf73hzno7xe4