A declarative approach to incremental custom computing

W. Luk
Proceedings IEEE Symposium on FPGAs for Custom Computing Machines  
Incremental methods can be used to produce implementations rapidly and to facilitate multi-level design optimisation. This paper describes a declarative framework, based on the language Ruby, that supports incremental design and validation of custom computers. The key elements of the approach include parameterised descriptions, design transformation and data refinement. Several priority queue designs are employed to illustrate our techniques and the computer-based tools; we also present the use
more » ... lso present the use of our framework in producing a priority queue implementation using Algotronix CAL devices. . Since frequently we need to replicate or to rearrange the elements in a sequence, there are relations such as § ¤ © and ¡ ¦ , given by § ¤ © ! # " % $
doi:10.1109/fpga.1995.477422 dblp:conf/fccm/Luk95 fatcat:o4tugo5ud5ax7otervnhesooda