A study of prevalence pattern of psychiatric co morbidity in patients with HIV

Rahul Hakepatil, V Birajdar, Jr
Psychiatric and psychological issues associated with HIV infection have received the last decade owing to the emotional impact of the disease and its effect on individuals personal sexual, occupational and social life. Aims and Objectives: Materials and Methodology: health care center during the year 201 consent for taking interview. A Detailed clinical a conditions was done. In the one year duration total 50 patients were enrolled for the study. The data was presented in percentages and
more » ... centages and proportions. years (54%), 35-42 years (26%), 43 them were male (68%) and 16 of them were females (32%).74% of HIV patients were married, 10% pat separated, 8% patients were single, 6% patients was divorced and 2% were widowed.40% of patients were educated up to secondary school,36% of patients were illiterate,12% of patients were educated up to primary school,8% of patients educated up to graduate and 4% of patients were educated up to higher secondary school, 62% of patients are employed and 38% are unemployed. 37% patients were employed and 7% patients were unemployed32% of patients 1000-2000 rs/month, 40% of patient, earni patients were supported by their extended family members. infection was most commonly observed in young economic group.