From Countryside to City: The Research on Social Integration of New Citizens in Chongqing and Chengdu
从乡村到城市:统筹城乡背景中新市民的 社会融入研究

肖 雪
2014 Advances in Psychology  
From the perspective of psychology, 2158 new citizens from Chongqing and Chengdu participated in the survey. We focused on the extent of adapting to the city for new citizens and explored the influence of the meta-stereotypes, social comparison, warmth and satisfaction on social inclusion. Results showed: 1) The new citizens didn't adapt into their city in a low extent; 2) Social comparison acted on social integration through the mediating effect of satisfaction; 3) Positive meta-stereotype
more » ... meta-stereotype moderates social comparison and social inclusion significantly.
doi:10.12677/ap.2014.42045 fatcat:scbs2kqksjgdxc5kntg6pgbro4