Application of matrix method in management: microeconomic level

G. Kundieieva
In the conditions of open economy, deepening of globalization, strengthening of international competition and deployment of the global socio-economic crisis, sustainable development of domestic enterprises requires effective management. To make rational management decisions a variety of methods are used and matrix methods are of particular interest. In the article the variety of matrix approach application for evaluation of development strategy elements and stages of some matrix methods
more » ... ion in enterprise activity research were analyzed. It allowed to apply the specified method in management of efficiency of enterprise activity. The essence of the matrix approach and matrix structure, namely, indicators and initial parameters were disclosed. The criteria which allow to use the information thoroughly and make effective managerial decisions were specified. There was indicated in the article that the system of indicators for the analysis of operational efficiency is not the same for all businesses and the problematic issue remains the choice of indicators. To assess the effectiveness of operating activities of the PE Firm "Gar-mashˮ there were proposed the following indicators: the financial result of operating activities, net income from the sale of products (works, services), the average number of employees, equity, total costs of production and sales of products, property. The comprehensive analysis of the effectiveness of operating activities of the company according to the algorithm: the calculated indicators of the proposed indicators of efficiency of operating activities of the company in the reporting and previous years, calculated the rate of change of these indicators and the sum of the indices of changes in these indicators, identified the significance of each indicator. For the enterprise under consideration the greatest influence had a labor resource (average number of employees) and in the future it was necessary to study personnel policy of the enterprise for the purpose of effective use of labor resources.
doi:10.24263/2225-2924-2021-27-2-5 fatcat:to4yp5x2fzb4niwfvohhnj6o5u