Alexandrium catenella cyst dynamics in a coastal embayment : temperature dependence of dormancy, germination, and bloom Initiation [book]

Alexis D. Fischer
2017 unpublished
7 CHAPTER 1 Introduction 9 CHAPTER 2 Cold exposure controls the duration of dormancy in cysts of the toxic dinoflagellate, Alexandrium catenella 23 CHAPTER 3 Field emergence and laboratory germination of cysts of the toxic dinoflagellate Alexandrium catenella in response to vernal warming 59 CHAPTER 4 Temperature modulation of dormancy transitions, germination, and division as a determinant of Alexandrium catenella bloom initiation 93 CHAPTER 5 Summary and conclusion 137 APPENDIX The
more » ... NDIX The persistence of Alexandrium catenella cyst seedbeds in Nauset Marsh 151 4 the WHOI Academic Program Office for granting me conference travel funds that have afforded me numerous opportunities to see the world, while taking my science to the next level. None of this would have been possible without the talents and enthusiasm of my advisor, Don Anderson. He afforded me incredible intellectual freedom, financial security, and opportunities that simply would not have been possible in another group. I feel privileged to have worked on dormancy and germination of Alexandrium cysts in a shallow estuary on Cape Cod -the very topic that launched his career a number of years ago. This made Don perfect at playing devil's advocate whenever I would present a new experiment or conceptual model. I can remember so many times walking into his office to ask him with a quick question, only to emerge two hours later with even more questions. I look forward to continuing to unravel the mysteries of dinoflagellate cysts with him, and more long chats over good wine. Michael Brosnahan was my lighthouse in the final foggy years of my thesis. He is an extraordinary mentor, and friend, who somehow always found time to talk science with me. His future students will be lucky to have someone who cares so much. I am grateful to him for always pushing me to follow the research question, rather than be limited by a particular method.
doi:10.1575/1912/9058 fatcat:lzab2odvwrhubhiyzrfgbjm3tq