Identification of novel microRNA biomarkers of viral infection

P. Naraghi-Arani, S. Bavari, S. Gardner, C. Jaing, J. Thissen
2010 International Journal of Infectious Diseases  
Abstracts rapid and applicable methods for Brucellosis diagnosis using validated test methods and standardized reagents. For the control of brucellosis at the national or local level, the buffered Brucella antigen tests (Boats), i.e. the Rose Bengal test (RBT) and the buffered plate agglutination test (BPAT), as well as the ELISA and the FPA, are suitable screening tests. Positive reactions should be retested using a suitable confirmatory and/or complementary strategy (OIE manual, 2009). The
more » ... nual, 2009). The OIE reference standards are those against which all other standards are compared and calibrated. These reference standards are all available to national reference laboratories and should be used to establish secondary or national standards against which working standards can be prepared and used in the diagnostic laboratory for daily routine use. These sera have been developed and designated by the OIE as International Standard Sera. The use of these promotes international harmonisation of diagnostic testing and antigen standardisation. Methods: Sudanese national standard antiserum equivalent to OIEISS was produced and standardised from naturally infected cows with a high titre of Brucella according to Veterinary laboratory agency-Webridge Laboratory methods (Hendry et al., 1985) and OIE manual (OIE, 2009). Apanel of naturally infected cows sera were tested for Brucella Agglutinins by RBT, SAT and ELISA.The selected sera and OIEISS were titrated, tested and compared with previously mentioned serological tests. Results: An sterile pooled high titre sera were successfully prepared. The serum was diluted perfectly with negative serum to match with the OIEISS titre which was 1000 IU. Conclusion: This study was result in production of standardized National standard antiserum for the first time in Sudan, when checked locally using the appropriate methods of Veterinary laboratory agency-Webridge, but needs further quality control check in the specialist OIE reference laboratories.
doi:10.1016/j.ijid.2010.02.431 fatcat:hijhgjcdwnhffoqk2ppyvvehhy