An Experimental Test Bench for the Tire Pressure Monitoring System – Discussion of Measurement and Communication Issues

Sławomir Gryś
The paper presents a method for wireless measurement of car wheel air pressure and temperature using the Tire Pressure Monitoring System, or TPMS module - one of the latest safety systems introduced by the automotive industry - with readings taken on a specifically designed test bench. The paper describes the structure and operating principle of the test bench key elements and how they work with the sensors, the TPMS module, and reference instruments, as well as the data format and accuracy of
more » ... ata transmission between TPMS and the host computer. The software designed for an embedded system emulating the real on-board computer allows for observing raw sensor readings and the effect of calibration in two points of the characteristics.
doi:10.24425/123565 fatcat:i5pxiwboxrcrnoaufiyztojrpm