Benefits of Fixed Orthodontic Appliances on Growth and Development in Pediatric Patients with Class III Malocclusion

Abhiyanth S Shetty
2017 Journal of Dental Health Oral Disorders and Therapy  
For most clinicians it has always been difficult to decide the exact timing to treat a class III malocclusion. This malocclusion can be classified into three types: true skeletal, dental or pseudo class III malocclusion, which usually determines the prognosis. The aim of this article is to demonstrate a simple, effective method for early treatment of class III malocclusion in mixed dentition and to emphasize the benefits of early intervention in the shortest treatment time. In this case, the
more » ... n this case, the patient was treated with a fixed 2 x 4 appliance on maxillary and mandibular arches for nine months, followed by a retention protocol. Once the treatment was completed, the patient was followed for a six-month period. The results showed that with early intervention it is possible to achieve favorable outcomes in pediatric patients with fixed braces in class III malocclusion. It is concluded that early intervention is mandatory and it should be carried out in all patients, and there should be no second thought in reaching such a decision.
doi:10.15406/jdhodt.2017.07.00248 fatcat:hlbqazr5jzhzjab4liltjse2qa