Probiotics bacteria, properties, and their applications

2019 Journal of Applied Sciences Research  
Probiotics have been a useful component of the microbiota for centuries because of its health benefits to the host. However, the contribution of probiotics to the modulation of immunological, respiratory and gastrointestinal functions has recently been recognized and appreciated by scientists. Probiotics, such as Escherichia coli and lactic acid bacteria, are currently used or studied to prevent or treat various intestinal diseases, including inflammatory bowel disease, constipation, and colon
more » ... ipation, and colon cancer. Building natural probiotics to produce immunomodulatory molecules can help further increase the benefits to the host. This article analyzes some of the mechanisms of action of probiotics and achievements in the rational design of probiotics. In industrialized countries, functional foods have become a daily diet and add to the generally recognized nutritional effects of proven and potential health benefits. Currently, the most important and widely used functional food compounds are probiotics and prebiotics, or collectively they are called "symbiotic" and in a healthy manner, Therefore, The aim of this work overview on of probiotics bacteria, properties, and their potential applications for functional foods to improve the health and nutrition of society 50
doi:10.22587/jasr.2019.15.6.5 fatcat:whk552p2mrfnvhady2ioqzrb2m