Car building in 1896

1897 Journal of the Franklin Institute  
Mar., i897. ] Notes and Comments. 237 beauxite, has been making extensive preparations, and will now appear as a producer. The total output of aluminum in the world during I896 has not yet been reported, but in I895 it was approximately I,iSO metric tons (2,535,290 pounds, or 1,268 short tons). Prices.--At the beginning of 1896 the American scale was as follows : No. I, 98 per cent. pure, ingots for milling, 50 cents to 55 cents; No. I, ingots for remelting, 48 cents to 53 cents ; No. 2, 94 per
more » ... nts ; No. 2, 94 per cent. pure, ingots for remelting, 42 cents to 5o cents, the range in each case depending on quantity. These rates held until July, when we quoted No. 2, 94 per cent. pure, ingots for remelting, at 38 cents to 43 cents, and ingots from scrap at 35 cents to 40 cents ; No. grade as before. In November, the Pittsburgh Reduction Company announced a reduction in prices of from 5 cents on the lower grades to I1 cents on the higher, the new schedule (which has been maintained to the close of the year) standing thus : No. I (guaranteed over 98 per cent. pure), ingots for remelting, 42 cents in small lots ; 39 cents in Ioo-pound lots ; 37 cents in ton lots ; No. 2 (guaranteed over 9 ° per cent. pure, with no injurious impurities), ingots for remelting, 34 cents in small lots ; 33 cents in Ioo-pound lots ; 3 t cents in ton lots ; nickel-aluminum casting metal (pure aluminum alloyed with less than io per cent. nickel and other hardening ingredients), 4o cents in small lots ; 38 cents in loo-pound lots ; 35 cents in ton lots ; special casting alloy (containing over 80 per cent. pure aluminum, used in place of brass), 35 cents in small lots ; 3 ° cents in loo-pound lots ; 27 cents in ton lots i castings, 45 cents per pound, upward, and special rates for bars, rods, shapes, etc. ENGINEERING NOTES.
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