Review of "English for Telecommunications Engineering"

Russell DiNapoli
2005 Ibérica  
IBÉRICA 9 [2005]: 159-161 159 This book review discusses two recent publications that speak to polytechnic students and their English for Specific Purposes instructors. Neither is an elaborately coiffed finished product destined for the promotional bandstand. But not for that are they any the less appealing to the market niches they address. In English for Telecommunications Engineering, María Carbonell Olivares and Hanna Skorczynska Sznajder, both of the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia,
more » ... ica de Valencia, have presented us with a carefully put together course book for students with an intermediate level in English. Of particular interest to the readers of Ibérica is the attention the authors have given to popularised scientific discourse. This they have achieved by including a large number of authentic texts, most of which were published within the last decade. Admittedly, in the ESP field, real texts have lost their original cachet with the dawning of the Internet age. Nevertheless, a course book of this sort today needs not only to present readers with authentic texts related to the field, but also, and this more importantly, it must reflect communicative realities. As experienced ESP instructors, the authors, with the help of two other denizens of the ESP community, Debra Westall Pixton and Ramón Chismol Ibáñez, have Reseñas/Book Reviews English for Telecommunications Engineering
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