Philosophy and its Application in a Global Turbulent Era

DR. ADELEYE, Joseph Olusola,, MR. BAMIKOLE Kehinde Oluwaseun
2023 Zenodo  
Philosophical reflection is needed to be focused on in times where there is a sense of instability and change which could also lead to revolution from the ills of society among most nations. For example, African leaders are mostly concerned with filling their pockets despite the fact that they took an oath to office during their invitation into political seats of power by the masses. Coupled with this, is the psychological turbulence that is fundamentally visible among the masses who but cannot
more » ... be swayed by the wave of change. In spite the fact that most emerging economies can still be located in the African space, the wave of globalization has had its effects on many spheres of life. The importance of philosophy is to promote peace, and harmony in all areas of life, be it socio-political or economic sphere Philosophers like Plato in VII of his republic has started that unless kings become philosopher kings, then there would not be one single iota of wisdom which is going to be applied for more stability in nation states towards development, and nation building that ensure a smooth transition from one government to another irrespective of turbulence. Based on this, the paper being a qualitative research examines philosophy and its application to global turbulence era.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.7659972 fatcat:kog4v2tmivgz3hd2atjvcqmpr4