The relations between personality traits and psychopathy as measured by ratings and self-report

Daliborka Kujacic, Janko Medjedovic, Goran Knezevic
2015 Psihologija  
The objective of this study was to examine the relations between psychopathy -as assessed by ratings (PCL-R) and by self-report (SRP3) -on one side, and The Five-Factor personality Model -expanded to include the traits Amorality and Disintegration -on the other. Both methods examined four traits of psychopathy: interpersonal, affective, lifestyle and antisocial characteristics. Data were collected on a sample of 112 male convicts. The results show the absence of congruence between the two
more » ... s -self-report and ratingin case of interpersonal and affective psychopathic dispositions. This incongruence is also reflected in their relations with personality traits. The self-report measures and the ratings of Lifestyle and Antisocial tendencies are related to amorality, aggressiveness, schizotypy, Neuroticism and impulsivity. However, the ratings of affective and interpersonal style are related to the integrated, organized, and emotionally stable aspects of personality. The results are interpreted in the light of differences between the methods of assessment and in the light of the essential characteristics of the psychopathic phenomena.
doi:10.2298/psi1501045k fatcat:xxqrkic66bcopnoin7fkyoacge