A teoria das implicaturas de Grice sob a ótica dos teóricos da relevância

Diogo de França Gurgel, Matheus Tostes Furtado
2020 Problemata  
This article's aim is to put under examination the Relevance Theory (presented by Dan Sperber and Deirdre Wilson in Relevance: communication and cognition) by the means of a comparison between this theory and Paul Grice's inferential approach of communication. We believe that certain central claims of the Relevance Theory (for example, the statement of explicatures) could only be established on the theoretical basis built in works such "Meaning" and "Logic and conversation". To highlight the
more » ... ilarities and differences between these models and to analyze their consequences for a cognitivist grounded theory of communication will be the task of this article.
doi:10.7443/problemata.v11i5.51631 fatcat:yafm4oufargdphrit7qmxnfhwq