Secure process of destructing complex construction ammunitio from concept to technology [dataset]

V. P. Kapashin, V. I. Kholstov, V. G. Mandych, A. Yu. Karmishin, I. V. Kovalenko, A. I. Krasnyanskiy
The article describes the stages of developing the concept and creating technologies for complex design munitions (CDM) destruction. The schematic diagram of the production line of CDM destruction is shown, it includes developing the concept of safe and effective CDM destruction technologies (the first stage), developing process equipment for CDM destruction (the second stage), and developing industrial production lines for the CDM destruction (the third stage). It is suggested to place the
more » ... nological lines of decommission and destruction of CDM in the new industrial buildings specialized for this purpose. The complexity of the problem of CDM destruction, the experience in developing technological lines of decommissioning and destructing chemical munitions of this type shows that domestic enterprises have all the necessary scientific and technical equipment for solving this complex problem.
doi:10.25750/1995-4301-2015-3-042-029-034 fatcat:mavfwnv2uzdsbhrms6h52srazq