Fast-scanning near-field scanning optical microscopy using a high-frequency dithering probe

Yongho Seo, Wonho Jhe, Aaron Lewis, H. Kumar Wickramasinghe, Katharina H. Al-Shamery
2001 Controlling and Using Light in Nanometric Domains  
We suggest two methods attaching tip to the quartz crystal resonator to be applied to a near-field optical scanning microscope probe. High-speed near-field scanning optical microscopy images obtained with the quartz crystal resonator probe are presented. We have achieved fast scanning imaging at the scanning speed of 1.3 mm/s without any compromise of spatial lateral resolution. Applying a concept of the acoustic wave, the topographic image of soft sample with the quartz crystal resonator probe is interpreted.
doi:10.1117/12.449529 fatcat:3gwfx2blcnfmleekbg4bwxc3nu