Flow field effect transistors with polarisable interface for EOF tunable microfluidic separation devices

A. Plecis, J. Tazid, A. Pallandre, P. Martinhon, C. Deslouis, Y. Chen, A. M. Haghiri-Gosnet
2010 Lab on a Chip  
The control of electro-osmotic flows (EOF) in microfluidic devices has been achieved by using a new generation of Flow Field Effect Transistors (FFETs) with integrated Polarisable Interfaces (PI). This new type of microfluidic devices was compared to more conventional Metal-Isolator-Electrolyte FFETs. By using a Fluidic Wheatstone Bridge configuration, aprecise control of the liquid flow rate was obtained with very small voltages (<500mV). By controlling the EOF independently from the external
more » ... lectric field, electrophoretic filter effects could be observed. Our capability to integrate such fluidic transistors in serial or parallel architectures opens new routes for high selectivity biomolecules sorting using programmable chips.
doi:10.1039/b921808d pmid:20445876 fatcat:w2pzlqlizzdm7lwhfsdivd7sue