Present Situation and Reform Ideas of Computer Training Base Construction

Shuyao Zhuo, Fengxian Deng
2015 Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Education Technology, Management and Humanities Science   unpublished
Computer training base construction is of great importance to the cultivation of applied talents in colleges and universities. Aiming at our university talents one-sided training, reform training base construction is put forward, and in the process of teaching, pay attention to the cultivation of students' vocational ability. Training base construction takes serve the society as the goal, employment as the guidance, practice ability as the basis to promote the development of computer
more » ... l education in higher vocational colleges, improve students' computer application ability, and lay a solid foundation for getting into society in order to better serve the society. This article mainly analyzes the current situation of the construction of computer training base in higher vocational colleges in our country and further reform measures. With the development of science and technology, electronic information industry develops rapidly, especially the development of computer changes the original way of work and communication. Computer is an important symbol of new technology revolution. In this environment, education in colleges and universities must focus on modernization, pay attention to the cultivation of computer professionals, and provide professional quality of computer talents for the society. But our university computer teaching prevalent problems are theory-emphasized, practice-lighted, which are unfavorable to the cultivation of talents. Based on this, colleges and universities should strengthen computer training base construction to improve students' practice ability and develop high technology applied talents.
doi:10.2991/etmhs-15.2015.126 fatcat:hrhsfd24j5a4xm7kxyw5wcsxzy