The Spiral Array: An Algorithm for Determining Key Boundaries [chapter]

Elaine Chew
2002 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Computer models for determining key boundaries are important tools for computer analysis of music, computational modeling of music cognition, content-based categorization and retrieval of music information and automatic generating of expressive performance. This paper proposes a Boundary Search Algorithm (BSA) for determining points of modulation in a piece of music using a geometric model for tonality called the Spiral Array. F or a given number of key changes, the computational complexity of
more » ... he algorithm is polynomial in the number of pitch e v ents. We present and discuss computational results for two selections from J.S. Bach's \A Little Notebook for Anna Magdalena". Comparisons between the choices of an expert listener and the algorithm indicates that in human cognition, a dynamic interplay exists between memory and present k n o wledge, thus maximizing the opportunity for the information to coalesce into meaningful patterns.
doi:10.1007/3-540-45722-4_4 fatcat:226gbopxpjf45ofa3cf4iohj3i