Crystallographer's Challenge in the 21st Century. 5. Search for Earth Interior. Crystallography under the Core Condition of Planets
21世紀に向けた結晶学の新たな挑戦 5. 地球内部を知る 地球・惑星中心核の結晶学

Tadashi KONDO
2001 Nihon Kessho Gakkaishi  
Tadashi KONDO: Crystallography under the Core Condition of Planets Recent status of high pressure and high temperature research under the condition of the Earth and planetary core are reviewed. Phase diagram of iron is important to investigate the core of terrestrial planets, but is still debated on the experimental results of both static and shock experiments. Hydrogen-helium system is major component of giant planets, which core condition are beyond the maximum pressure range achieved in
more » ... atory. Future researches need a breakthrough in experimental technique and progress of theory and more observations for these planets.
doi:10.5940/jcrsj.43.91 fatcat:2juvuhtl75bnzpi2l4iq4gwzau