The Multiple Traveling Purchaser Problem for Minimizing the Maximal Acquisition Completion Time in Wartime
전시 최장 획득완료시간 최소화를 위한 복수 순회구매자 문제

Myung-Jin Choi, Woo-Bum Moon, Jin-Ho Choi
2011 Journal of the Korea Institute of Military Science and Technology  
In war time, minimizing the logistics response time for supporting military operations is strongly needed. In this paper, i propose the mathematical formulation for minimizing the maximal acquisition completion time in wartime or during a state of emergency. The main structure of this formulation is based on the traveling purchaser problem (TPP), which is a generalized form of the well-known traveling salesman problem (TSP). In the case of the general TPP, an objective function is to minimize
more » ... e sum of the traveling cost and the purchase cost. However, in this study, the objective function is to minimize the traveling cost only. That's why it's more important to minimize the traveling cost (time or distance) than the purchase cost in wartime or in a state of emergency. I generate a specific instance and find out the optimal solution of this instance by using ILOG OPL STUDIO (CPLEX version 11.1).
doi:10.9766/kimst.2011.14.3.458 fatcat:4eqbocqefvas7mboihanup7ymi