Optimal control problems under disturbances [chapter]

Hans Josef Pesch
System Modelling and Optimization  
Perturbations in optimal control problems are discussed. Problems including those with state and/or control constraints and discontinuities are considered. The pcrturbations may appear in the functional, as well as in the dynamics, the boundary conditions or the inequality constraints. It is shown that an optimal solution of the disturbed control problem depending continuously differentiably upon the perturbations cxists in a neighborhood of an optimal solution of the undisturbed problem undcr
more » ... rbed problem undcr an assumption which has to be intrinsically fulfilled for virtually all of the important numerical methods for the computation of boundary value problems. These methods may be used when the multipoint boundary value problem resulting from the ncccssary conditions has to be solved.
doi:10.1007/bfb0008389 fatcat:il37gp5swjhr3fuunsnsbdaxxq