Pavel Khavanov, Anatoly Chulenyov
2018 unpublished
In this publication, a comparative assessment of air pollution from sources of heat supply systems for a different type of development was carried out. A qualitative and quantitative assessment of the sanitary and hygienic indices of the air basin state is provided for the location of heat generating plants. Based on a comparison of quantitative characteristics, one can obtain the results of comparative calculations and the main qualitative indices of the technical solutions under
more » ... under consideration. The characteristics of the source of heat in each particular case were determined by the power of the heat source and the technical characteristics of the chimneys. It is revealed that the change in the dispersion zones taking into account the "wind rose" does not have a significant effect. It is received that the overlapping of dispersion zones in the housing and cottage heat supply is due to the density of construction and must be taken into account when developing architectural and planning concepts and technical solutions for heat supply.