Fabrication of high current and low profile micromachined inductor with laminated Ni/Fe core

Jin-Woo Park, Jae Yeong Park, Yeun-Ho Joung, M.G. Allen
2002 IEEE transactions on components and packaging technologies  
A new process for the fabrication of high current and very low profile micromachined inductors has been developed. This process involves the combination of mechanical lamination and electrodeposition of copper windings by means of LIGA-like lithography through thick epoxy photoresists. The dimension of the fabricated inductor is 16 mm 19 mm 1 mm. The fabricated inductor has an inductance value of 1.2 H with dc saturation current of 3 A and an electrical resistance of less than 30 m at 10 kHz.
doi:10.1109/6144.991182 fatcat:7ybqozvxb5bppczipggfxhjnhu