Insanity and Allied Neuroses. A Practical and Clinical Manual

1908 Journal of the American Medical Association  
This fourth edition of this manual has been revised throughout and special attention given to the pathology of the several disorders. Dr. Goodall is a well-known British alienist, and in addition Dr. Savage has had the advice and help of Dr. Mott, the pathologist of the London County Council's laboratory, who, as an authority on his specialty, is second to none in Great Britain. As might be expected, therefore, the work has been brought well up to date and is comprehensive enough to fairly
more » ... the ground indicated in its title. Surgical Emergencies. This work is well arranged from a practical as well as from a clinical standpoint. The author first considers the physiology and pharmacology of anesthetics; second, the selection of the anesthetic and the preparation of the patient; third, the methods of administration of the various anesthetics and their mixtures and sequences; fourth, the accidents and dangers liable to be associated with surgical anesthesia and their prevention and treatment; fifth, the postoperative dangers of anesthetics. Hewitt apparently favors the closed method of giving ether which has fallen somewhat into disfavor in this country. Considerable space is given to the method of administering nitrous oxid.
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