Sphero Robotics and STEAM Education in Diploma Level: A Pilot Study Using Sphero Robotics Module for Problem Solving and Program Design Course

Jacey d/o Mariadass, Astri Idayu Binti Athesan, Mohd Faizul Emizal Bin Mohd Ghazi
2020 International Journal of Research Publications  
The purpose of this study is to find the impact of utilizing Sphero Robotic as an educational aid for DFC10042 Problem Solving and Program Design (PSPD) course to teach basic principles of Programming. For this purpose, a module is developed to be use with Sphero Robotic. The robotic was used in the frame of the STEAM education approach. STEAM Education is an approach towards learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics as access points for guiding student's
more » ... g student's inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking. Sphero robotics is proven to be an important educational aid to achieve these goals. This study was conducted by using a quasi-experimental design with pre-test and post-test groups combine with survey method to obtain feedback from the participants. The study group consists of 61 PSPD course students (control group, 30; treatment group, 31). Questionnaire were given after post-test for the treatment group. The control group were following conventional teaching and learning where else the treatment group were using Sphero Robotics Module. Within this the students are asked to work in groups to design, develop and implement their programs to control the behavior of Sphero Robotics with the specially developed module. The result for post-test shows the treatment group obtained increment in percentage as 22% compared to control group. The feedback from questionnaire shows that this type of learning environment increases students' motivation to participate in an active way in learning. Besides that, the findings show Sphero Robotics module can help to gain students attention to perform better in the course. Therefore, the outcome shows that Sphero Robotic Module developed for PSPD course can be a promising and innovative education aid for educators to engage with their students in creative and attractive learning.
doi:10.47119/ijrp1006611220201610 fatcat:wuflspjcg5g5zdmgzitclgfe2y