The subunit structure of tryptophan synthase from Neurospora crassa

W H Matchett, J A DeMoss
1975 Journal of Biological Chemistry  
Tryptophan synthase of Neurospora crassa was purified to electrophoretic homogeneity from the wild type strain 74A which had been derepressed by the presence of 0.5 mM indoleacrylic acid in the growth medium. The isolated material migrated as a single symmetrical peak in the ultracentrifuge with a sedimentation constant of 6.0 S. Gel filtration on Sephadex G-200 AND CONVENTIONAL SEDIMENTATION EQUILIBIRIUM YIELDED MOLECULAR WEIGHT ESTIMATES OF 151,000 PLUS AND MINUS 10,000 AND 149,000 PLUS AND
more » ... 149,000 PLUS AND MINUS 10,000, RESPECTIVELY. Treatment of the enzyme with sodium dodecyl sulfate followed by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis gave a single band with a relative mobility suggesting a molecular weight of 76,000 plus and minus 2000. Aspartic acid was the only detectable NH2-terminal amino acid and experiments with carboxypeptides A and B revealed that the three amino acids, isoleucine, leucine, and phenylalanine, were released rapidly and in the order mentioned. These results are interpreted as indicating that the Neurospora enzyme is a homodimer.
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