Observation of Children at a Puppet Theater Performance

Grace Johnson
1981 Marilyn Zurmuehlen Working Papers in Art Education  
and character, were caricatures of personality types, and easily recognizable in the children's own experiences and were accepted as such. Theme of the Experience: Children, as observers and participants in an "art experience" are willing-and eager--to accept fantasy as reality and to allow themselves free expression of emotions in reaction to the stimuli presented. Evidence to Support Theme: The accompanying photographs (the photographs are not reproduced in this publication) provide visual,
more » ... corded evidence of the wide range of emotions displayed by the children as they participated in this puppet "experience." The facial expressions especially indicate the intensity of their belief in the characters and in the reality of the story being presented. The photographs also suggest a willingness, even eagerness, on the part of the children to be entertained and informed-and to interact with the puppets. Frequently, the children became totally drawn into the experience and displayed obvious concern or delight with the entire situation. Conclusion: The results of this observation are multi-dimensional. Several factors were interacting to produce a rich learning experience for the children in the audience. A researcher could choose to select evidence/data for a variety of themes, all present in this experience and available through observation: Puppetry as art
doi:10.17077/2326-7070.1016 fatcat:pcmabg2d6fhtnpy4mxjumd6ny4