Gain-Scheduled Controller Design for a LPV Model of a Turboshaft Driving Variable Pitch Propeller

Farhad Lashkarboluki, Alireza Khosravi
This paper has proposed a gain-scheduled controller with stability proof and guaranteed cost for a turboshaft driving a variable pitch propeller. In order to overcome the complexity of the nonlinear model, a linear parameter varying (LPV) model is proposed for the first time which is in affine form. Proposed model is established based on a family of local linear models and is suitable for LPV gain scheduling methods. Thus a gain scheduled design procedure is proposed which considers parameter
more » ... nsiders parameter dependent Lyapunov matrices to ensure stability and a quadratic cost function for guaranteed performance of the closed loop system. Proposed procedure also has the advantage of considering an upper bound for change rate of the scheduling signal which decreases conservativeness. Controller design problem and calculating its gain matrices is formulated in a set of Linear Matrix Inequalities which easily can be solved using LMILAB toolbox. Simulation results showed the effectiveness and practicality of the proposed procedure.