Antonio Taccone
2017 UPLanD-Journal of Urban Planning   unpublished
HIGHLIGHTS • The basic idea is to support the construction of a soft mobility network of urban heritage that are able to undo the imbalances in terms of accessibility/usability, promotion and enhancement. Write here your paper highlights, write here your paper highlights. • Nowadays, due to a different cultural approach, and under the influence of innovative urban policies, we are able to save and restore the territory through strategies and projects that succeed in reintroducing a quality of
more » ... ace and cultural facilities based mainly in facilitating the connections and enjoyment of these assets. ABSTRACT The proposed theme concerns the possibility of integrating a new system of mobility to the enhancement of the historic, environmental heritage and landscape of the Calabria region. This necessity comes from an implicit need, which is to enhance and to promote a cultural and social use for the resources present in the territory and flows from new instances of a quality tourism that in Calabria, as well as in many other southern cities, require a careful search of new cultural desires with new destinations, which led to the discovery of products more rich of meaning and content, of authenticity, of identity. To promote a strategy that seeks the tools to activate the process of valorization of the urban asset of Reggio's territory seems like a winning project. Today, under the pressure of territory government tools innovative and thanks to a different cultural approach, we are in the condition in which it is possible the recovery and restoration of the territory through the identification of strategies and projects that are able to introduce quality of connective space and cultural kind of services based mainly on soft mobility and the fruition of this asset.