1864 Scientific American  
A Accumulator, power (Smltb) 191 Awnlngo (Armstrong) U1 B Bed-clotbes, . attacbment for ventilating (Martin) 216 :e .!t��:il �!':b\� a :; cb)1117 BObbin (Reynold) 33J Bobbin-winder (Kasson) 72 Boller, steam (Le.lle) 192 Boiler, RtpA.m otn��) 6.'\ Boot-blacking""" " (Porter) 328 Boot4rawer and l'antaloon's guard (Watson) 352 Blacket, electric (Comellns .t: Baker) 328 Bronzing macblne (Tapley) 337 Button, spring-catch (Reed .t: Packard) 264 D Derrick, 1I0ating (Collins) Sf Doors, church,
more » ... nt in (Wag. ner) 136 Drill, ratcbet (Olmstead) 360 ��m���11::�ra".:' b��3O.> Dryer, grain (Ita bIllion) 264 F Fagot, /LewlA, Price.t NaylOr) :140 1"a",tl.!lH'r, .. lour mid "hl\low \"'\\l,in", nll) � Flour, macb1ne for pacltlng (Brown) 32 H Ha � er, atmospberlc forge (Hotcbk1&s) Horse-power macblne;(Hunt) 176 Horse-sboe (Custer) 48 X Knife, grafting (Jackson) lSi L La ,f2 the U Union" (Union Lamp Co.) Latcb, �ustable gale (Williams) ISf Lathe Kttachment for centering and squaring (NeweU) 401 Latbe rest (Twambley) 162 Lock, car (Morse) 1\16 Lock , lIesk (Burdick) 66 IAlbncator (Ros.) 216 Lumber measure (Old) 321 • Manure-spreader (Eley) lI6. MI\l, ad,lustable s� ar-cane (porter) 225 Mm, army and , e nt (Sed.-ebeer) 208 Musketo canopy ompson) 33 Musketo net, portable (zengeler) Sf o
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican12241864-411 fatcat:medglpdbcjca7dxfhdp5dyjyha