Visualizing Semipermeability of Cell Membrane by a pH-responsive Ratiometric AIEgen [post]

Yuan Gu, zheng zhao, Guangle Niu, Han Zhang, Yiming Wang, Ryan Tsz Kin Kwok, Jacky W. Y. Lam, Ben Zhong Tang
2020 unpublished
<div> <p>In clinical chemotherapy, some basic drugs cannot enter the hydrophobic cell membrane because of ionization in acidic tumor microenvironment, a phenomenon known as ion trapping. In this study, we developed a method to visualize this ion trapping phenomenon by utilizing a pH-responsive ratiometric AIEgen, dihydro berberine (dhBBR). By observing the intracellular fluorescence of dhBBR, we found that non-ionized dhBBR can enter cells easier than ionized forms, which is in accordance with
more » ... he concept of ion trapping. In addition, dhBBR shows superior anti-photobleaching ability than Curcumin thanks to its AIE property. These results suggest that dhBBR can serve as a bioprobe for ion trapping.<b></b></p> </div> <b><br> </b>
doi:10.26434/chemrxiv.12122763.v1 fatcat:jo2et7tnubbhljw56z77ukb6dy