Synchronization algorithm of asynchronously captured data packets and instantaneous power-line frequency data for PLC analysis

Daijiro Ueno, Kenji Kita, Yuji Sano, Tadahiko Kimoto, Hiroyasu Ishikawa, Hideyuki Shinonaga
2016 IEICE Communications Express  
The instantaneous power-line frequency synchronized superimposed chart was proposed by the authors to visualize the effects of an AC adapter for PLC (Power Line Communications) transmission. In order to most properly draw the superimposed chart, it is requisite to synchronize data packets and instantaneous power-line frequency data, which are asynchronously captured by separate PCs (Personal Computers). This paper proposes a synchronization algorithm for these data, and shows the effectiveness
more » ... the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm. Furthermore, an algorithm to compensate the fixed frequency measurement error made by a digital multi-meter is proposed. Finally, it is shown that the communications forbidden time, the duration when PLC burst signals are not correctly received due to the effects of the AC adapter, is properly shown by adopting the proposed two algorithms as well as how burst signals containing different number of data packets are transmitted in the moments other than the communications forbidden time.
doi:10.1587/comex.2016xbl0008 fatcat:sshjvycgtngp5kglxfgmcrxcw4